Live Webcam Search Script

Live Webcam Search enables your site visitors to search all cams on Internet. With Live Webcam  Search, your site visitors can search over 25000 Live Cams on the Internet.


Use this code (html page source) :

<center> <FORM method=GET action=”“> <TABLE bgcolor=”#FFFFFF”><tr><td> <A HREF=”“> <IMG SRC=”” border=”0″ ALT=”123cam” align=”absmiddle”></A> <INPUT TYPE=text name=city size=31 maxlength=255 value=””> <select name=”maximum”>           <option value=”10″>10</option>           <option value=”200″ selected>200</option>           <option value=”500″>500</option>         </select> <INPUT type=submit name=btnG VALUE=”Search”> </td></tr></TABLE> </FORM> </center>


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